Hello i'm Andrea and i like to animate things on screen.
I grown imaging my drawings take life and start moving on the paper, and now i can do it...or something like.
I graduated at art school, and then started working with my super laptop (still alive and don't know how) to learn new techniques an tricks about this world. 
All my knowledge about graphics, animation and all this magical world is brought to me by my self and by my passion (and also lot of youtube and patience)
Now i work as Motion Designer and Videomaker (with a bigger computer), aiming to become a skilled "animator of things on screen", and expert in "cutting and sewing" videos.
Oh, i'm also a sneaker and streetwear fanatic, snowboarder in winter, sun hunter in summer and when i save money i try to take some trips.
Hope you like my portfolio, enjoy your visit and click the truck to download my CV :)

Thank you! You'll be contacted back as soon as possible!
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